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DPF Removal and Remapping

ECU Remapping

Mapping work has been a part of what we do here at Vagtune Services from day one, Unlike many places that buy into generic map suppliers we write all our files in house.

Every map is written fresh for your car, this give us a better control of how the map and power delivery feels so we cant tailor it to your requirements. Within our maps we can also cater for aftermarket tuning items like hybrid turbos, stainless exhausts etc

Using state of the art flashing equipment we safely program your ECU via the OBD port. The ECU Operating System is read and re-written for optimized performance and fuel economy (applies to diesel models only). The whole process is quick, efficient, invisible to dealer diagnostic equipment and fully reversible should you choose to sell your car in the future.

If an additional 25% bhp or increased fuel economy would improve your driving experience, just let us know and we can talk you through it.


1.9/2.0 tdi upto 2008: £250 plus VAT

2.0 tdi CR upto 2010: £300 plus VAT

1.8t all models: £250 plus VAT

2.0 tfsi all models: £300 plus VAT



DPF Removals

The dreaded yellow light...a problem more and more car/vans owners are suffering from.

Vagtune Services was the first company in Aylesbury to offer a complete in house DPF removal solution.

A diesel particulate filter or FAP as its sometimes known is a trap that it fitted into the exhaust of all modern diesel vehicles. The purpose is to trap the harmful soot that is produced and burn it off as your driving along in a process that's called 'regeneration'.

This process only really work effectively under the correct diving conditions, ie on the motorway at a constant speed. However for the majority of drivers they can cause a lot of problem. Short journeys and town driving can result in regenerations being missed, premature blocking of the DPF and can lead to expensive repair bills. Once the DPF is blocked it must be replaced and quite often if the same driving patterns are followed the new filter will block again and the cycle goes on and on….. costing £££’s

A removal is a far cheaper option to replacement and eliminates the chance of any further dpf related problems.

Once the blocked filter is removed, a reconfiguration (know as remap) is required to remove all the working elements from the engines ecu. This results in the DPF system being completely redundant.

The service we offer is carried out in house from the start to the finish.  We utilise the factory exhaust box when doing the physical removal of the filter and write the map fresh for each car, we do not use generic maps like some of our counterparts do.

3 years on and we still believe were the right choice when it comes to dpf problems. 

**Our DPF Removal services are intended for off road use only. We do not encourage or condone the use of vehicles DPFs removed on the public highway and can not be held responsible those who choose to do so*


For more info on DPF removals please click o the banner below to go to our sister company.

Our Recycling Promise

"Every industry has a responsibility to deal with waste it generates in a responsible manner. The Motor trade is a big contributor to waste generated so here at Vagtune I make sure that all the parts and fluids removed from your vehicle are disposed of and recycled in a manner that is as safe and environmentally friendly as possible.

Nick Evans, Owner."